James has had the pleasure of coaching various clients, and always works hard to ensure the best possible experience. After reading the testimonials below, hopefully you’ll be inspired to take the next step and begin your coaching journey.

  • Alex (HR)

    Coaching is a process which helps you identify the best way to manage or improve a specific concern with tools already in your repertoire. Through coaching you become empowered to create unique solutions in a creative manner. James is a lovely coach, non-judgemental and he made me feel comfortable as soon as I met him.

  • Tracey (Service Manager)

    It was my line manager who recommended James to me following on from my annual appraisal.

    His mentoring and coaching have been invaluable as I have worked through the submission and delivery of a Business Case to improve service delivery and staff progression.

    I have had a number of sessions with James where he has provided me a ‘safe space’ to be reflective on my own thoughts and actions and allowed me to think through what adjustments I could make in the future.

    Learning key traits about myself and recognising them in those that I directly line manage has allowed me to adapt my skills and behaviours to be a more effective communicator.

    James, Thank you for your professionalism, support, and great humour.

  • Kelly Embleton (OH Clinical Secretary)

    Upon being asked, I shared my experience with the team and told them that I found the session extremely beneficial, I came away feeling very positive in how to move forward in my role with the advice and tips that James gave me and I encouraged others to take up the offer of a coaching session. I have already begun implementing the strategies that James and I discussed during the session.

  • Becka (Senior HR Advisor)

    It’s a great way to work through a problem that has been stumping you and find solutions that are practical and implementable.

  • Carol (HR)

    In my opinion, good coaching is a key stepping stone to success. I’ve used coaching throughout my career, up to and including Director level in various organisations. It’s an invaluable tool in helping understand, process and develop strategies and tackle any limiting beliefs that creep in along the way!

  • Sharon (Service/Operational Manager NHS)

    I have had the pleasure and opportunity to have some coaching with James earlier this year. I am going to be honest and say that at first, I was not sure if Coaching was going to work for me, however I am always willing to give new things a go and have an open mind. Therefore, I didn’t know what to expect but James was excellent in terms of what coaching means and what the next steps are etc.

    Working in the NHS and as a Senior Operational Manager generally speaking staff expect you to have all the answers, and of course coaching is not about giving you answers, it is about making you think about the situation you have been involved in and what you could have done differently.

    James has a unique gift of drawing out with you what you could have done differently, and to think about the situation in a whole other perspective and dimension. I continue to use the exercises that we did as part of my ongoing learning and development.

    I have absolutely enjoyed the coaching sessions and to be honest do miss them. James has excellent insight and is a very perceptive person which those skills I imagine are of great benefit to provide Coaching to people and organisations.

    James thank you as you have helped me to be more confident in myself and to also strive to bigger and better things in my career.

    I wish you all the very best in your career as you are truly talented.

  • Jennie (People Director HR/NHS)

    I worked with James for over 3 years in a large and complex NHS hospital trust. He was extremely skilful in facilitating me and others to achieve desired goals and objectives which he managed with great diplomacy and sensitivity. James is a warm, gentle, and empathic communicator which he uses respectfully to gain great insight. This enables him to establish and maintain healthy relationships that continually build trust and confidence. Having built the rapport, James moves you closer to your goals, with appropriate challenge and support, ultimately leading to your chosen outcomes. I have no hesitation in recommending James to you and know that you too will enjoy working with him.

  • Zoe Clarke (HR Business Partner)

    DO IT DO IT DO IT – such a huge opportunity for personal growth and allows you to find time to for self reflection which typically can get lost in the madness of day to day work. I do not believe that coaching brings anything other than a positive and supportive improvement tool. The session was worthwhile and James was respectful. It felt like a very safe environment.

  • Mel (HR Team)

    Helpful to get my thoughts in order on a particular issue

  • Austin (HRBP NHS)

    I found my coaching session with James to be a very useful opportunity to talk about and reflect upon specific issues affecting me at work in a safe and confidential space. James was able to pick up on key elements of my concerns and assist me to focus in on these, while also offering some useful tips, that I hope to build into my work.

    Although the session itself was only 45 minutes, we covered a lot in this time and I left the session feeling that we had sufficiently explored the issues raised and that I have a way forward. I do feel that additional coaching would be beneficial to me as during the time I had it was not possible to explore other issues relevant to my work and career.

  • Zoe (Clinician)

    I approached James for some coaching to support my transition into a new, more strategic role.

    I wanted to ensure that my leadership position was balanced with maintaining my clinical specialism amongst other considerations. James provided a calm, friendly space for me to do this, with sufficient challenge to think beyond the immediate situation, identify clear actions and see them through on a timescale that worked for me. This made a significant difference to my confidence and satisfaction in the new role. I would thoroughly recommend James to anyone seeking coaching.

  • L Hendricks (University Hospitals Sussex)

    I found just taking that time, and reflecting with someone really helpful.

  • Prof Janusz Jankowski JP (Professor University College London)

    I have been coached by James for over 6 months.

    As an experienced mentor and coach, I feel I can speak from both a personal and professional perspective. James is a kind, authentic, thoughtful, and experienced coach. He can deal with complex aspects from work, inter-personal matters, careers, organisational politics and so much more. One particularly unique advantage James offers as an Executive coach is his genuinely warm, considered and full engagement.

    On a practical note, James has an easy on-line booking system that allows leisurely and convenient appointments to be made.

  • Juliet (Personal coaching Client)

    James can form an immediate, real connection and I have trusted him from our first meeting. He makes a safe space where I can explore my thoughts in his presence, and he can add insights by noticing my patterns of thought or behaviour. He notices and then I notice, I don’t feel criticised or judged in any way even when he can ask really perceptive and sometimes challenging questions. Although he says that I have been doing the work I would not be able to do it without his special presence! James is actively kind and has a sense of humour which I can totally relate to.

  • Babs (NHS)

    We do not dedicate enough time to ourselves. Coaching is a brilliant way to do this in a constructive way. I was able to plan a little beforehand regarding what I wanted to discuss – this was helpful.

  • Sara (HR)

    Coaching is very helpful but I feel that further sessions would be beneficial as it helps to cement confidence for the person.

  • Mel

    Provides space and support to be able to reflect and find a path forward with solidified intentions.

  • Sophie (HR Team)

    It’s a good time to organise your thoughts, and self reflect on what’s important to you.

  • Debbie (HRBP University Hospitals Sussex)

    Gives you the space and time to reflect and think about things/a problem more clearly and have ideas to take forward/an action plan.

  • Amy (Human Resources)

    James listened and understood the issue I brought to the session. He guided me to solve my problem through helpful questioning and encouragement so that I have a plan to follow going forward. His friendly, relaxed approach was conducive to an enjoyable session with an effective outcome.

  • Beth (HR)

    James was professional, calm and focused the conversation to ensure there were outputs from the session. I found the session 45 minute session helpful however I would value more regular coaching to have more of an impact on a long term basis.

  • HR Professional

    This coaching session afforded me valuable time to pause, reflect, and identify some next steps when considering a complex issue.

  • Anon

    Valuable to get external perspective on the issue, and James was able to identify small physical steps I could take to be more open

  • James (NHS)

    It was a really valuable session. I can imagine you get most value from coaching when it is done regularly, so I would advise people to sign up to a course of sessions rather than just one. I am grateful to have the session I had though, I got a lot out of it.

  • Graham (NHS – University Hospitals Sussex)

    I found the coaching helpful as an opportunity to unpick and reflect on an area of my performance I wanted to talk about and have some tools in place for how I may approach those situations differently in the future.

  • Abbi (Head of Employee Relations)

    James has been invaluable in supporting me as I have navigated various issues within coaching sessions. He is a natural coach and this coupled with his positive, supporting and motivating personality creates a safe yet challenging coaching environment. James is insightful and is able to analyse the key issues by listening to what was being said as well as unsaid. As a result I have been able to identify areas for change, think through different approaches and then focus on taking action.

  • Georgina (HR Manager)

    I have had a number of coaching sessions with James over the last few months, both virtually and face to face. I found his listening skills to be excellent and he really draws out specific areas that need to be worked on just by using a few simple techniques. I wasn’t sure that being a coachee would be for me but I have found it really useful.

  • Kirsty (Head of Programme Support, NHS)

    I have worked with James in two different organisations, and I have always found him to be dedicated, approachable and trustworthy.

    James has a supportive nature which enables him to ask insightful questions and offer helpful critique. Similar to a critical friend who facilitates looking at things from a different perspective.

    James has a positive approach to life, which makes him a great person to be around.

  • Denise (Chief People Officer in NHS)

    I have worked with James on a range of projects where he has supported the successful delivery of several complex pieces of work. James combines a special skill set of clarity of thought and purpose with the programme management skills to ensure delivery – I have seen him use these skills to coach others to phenomenal effect. He works through engaging others, supporting, and encouraging them to achieve the required clarity of purpose and coaching them through detailed planning and commitment to delivery.

    His style is approachable and supportive, allowing others to feel comfortable sharing concerns and uncertainty.

    My experience has been working with James in the health sector at a provider level and within the broader NHS regulatory framework, so I know he is experienced and comfortable across the whole sector agenda.

    I have no hesitation in recommending him as a talented individual who is also a pleasure to work with.