Led by James the coaching offer is bespoke to each and every individual. Feel free to setup a no cost introductory conversation to discuss more. Coaching exists in the belief that through listening, time to think and reflective learning the answers lie within the individual.

Recognising present day calls on time, we offer access to coaching via virtual and/or physical meetings to suit your diary.

Coaching sessions are directed by the client, and themes covered within each session and/or programme may include:

  • Career development
  • Confidence and addressing limiting beliefs
  • Managing conflict
  • Leadership change – enabling and empowering
  • Relationship management
  • Understanding values and beliefs – achieving balance
  • Work/Life
  • Dealing with difficult scenarios
  • Life Changes and challenges
  • Responding to and positive learning from feedback
  • Return from breaks in the workplace
  • Planning for the future
  • Changes at work, progression.
  • Procrastination – moving forward
  • Team dynamics

  • Coaching awareness – benefits to others who you work with