Anyone can call themselves a coach, ICF credentialed Coaches are professional coaches who have met specific and stringent education and experience requirements. They will have demonstrated a thorough understanding of coaching through a set of competencies which set the standard in this profession. ICF standards are listed at the end of the document should you wish to refer to them.

Achieving credentials through ICF signifies the coaches’ commitment to integrity, understanding, expertise in coaching skills and dedicated focus on their clients.

During the coaching journey we may use various tools and techniques, these will be selected based on your specific focus, and are intended to add value to the coaching process – they are not tick box and are selected by the coach where they will add value to you. I will introduce and explain them to you, you will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout.

We have summarised below 10 reasons why coaching may benefit:

No Preconceptions

A coach will have no preconceptions about you. There is no history or agenda to cloud the coaches view of you. Potentially, different from the rest of your life they will see you as you show up in front of them, not as a job title, role, parent, brother, sister, or an old friend. They see you as you are and who you could potentially be, they hold a mirror up to you can see your best self.

We Listen Attentively

Coaches really know how to listen, think about the last time you were really listened to, so that you can hear yourself thinking. Research has found that receiving focused attention from another human creates chemicals in the brain which can increase the quality of your thinking and reduce stress.

Uniquely Tailored To You

Coaching is not an off the peg, one size fits all approach – and Coaches specifically do not impose their views and solutions on you. Their development is to appreciate the uniqueness of every individual and recognise that each and every person will have a different mix of beliefs, conditioning, values, wants, needs, strengths etc. A coach will help you understand you, what motivates you, what might hold you back, what excites you and what gives you a sense of purpose.

The Right Questions

A coach will ask you great questions, which are intended to help you find the goals and solutions which are right specifically for you and your blend of attributes and traits. Coaching is tailor made for you and will only fit you.

Stimulating, Exciting and Fun

It is stimulating, exciting and fun. A good coach will be comfortable in using humour, playful as well as offering you support, praise and challenge. You should leave each and every coaching session more resourceful than you arrived.

Keep You Accountable

A coach will help hold you to account, check progress, care about you, support, and champion you whilst also supportively challenge. They are effective as they follow up.

Work on What You Want

A coach is there to work with you on anything YOU want. Your focus does not need to be an aspiring CEO if that isn’t what you want – it can literally be whatever you want motivation to progress, personal or work or both. You set the theme around what really matters to you and the coach is committed to supporting you in this journey.

Coaching is All About You

You pay for the coach’s time and expertise and their abilities to partner you in effective thinking. Doing this you can indulge in pure time for you.

Be Yourself

Coaching offers you the chance, perhaps for the first time in your life to be entirely yourself. You can let go of trying to be perfect, pleasing people, any habits that you have collected throughout your life. A coach will develop an adult-to-adult relationship with you in which being perfect doesn’t exist, you will be able to accept and celebrate your flaws, learn self-awareness and learn self-management skills which will last and be useful for a lifetime.

Coaching Works

Think of successful sportspeople, there is a coach, many a successful businessperson there is a coach. Those who seek coaching support know that they cannot do everything on their own and asking for support is a strength not a weakness, coaching can help you make that difference that you cannot quite make on your own.

Hopefully, this gives you a flavour of coaching, what to expect and the benefits you can expect to receive. We continually take part in professional development to ensure you receive the best coaching experiences possible. If you have any questions, always ask to ensure you are happy and understand whatever you are seeking further clarity on.